Causes of upper back pain on the left side


Does it hurt on the left side of your upper back and you have no idea why? Left upper back pain can mean different things depending on the symptoms we may be suffering. In addition to the acute pain in this area, it is also very common that we have other signs that something is not right, such as muscle stiffness, sensitivity to touch and even in the most severe cases we can feel even weakness and tingling in other areas of the body, such as the arms and legs.

Causes of upper back pain on the left side

In the following article we explain what are the possible causes of upper back pain on the left side. However, if you have been suffering from pain for a long time or have severe symptoms, it is recommended that you go to the doctor to make a diagnosis.

Dorsalgia in the upper back left side

One of the causes why a person may feel pain on the left side of the upper back is dorsalgia. As its name indicates, dorsalgia is back pain that originates from the area of the vertebrae and can reach both the left and right dorsal of the upper part of this area.

Symptoms of dorsalgia

There are many causes that can cause this injury on the left side of the back, the most common being stress, bad postures for a long period of time and trigger points, among others. Dorsalgia is identified by the following symptoms:

  • Pain when trying to put yourself in a certain posture for a long time.
  • Spasms in the back unexpectedly.
  • The pain in the upper back becomes progressively more acute.
  • Feeling of heaviness in the area.
  • Limitation of any movement, no matter how simple it may be.

If you think you may be suffering from dorsalgia, it is best to go to your doctor so that he can assess your case and indicate the best treatment.

Levoscoliosis or dorsal scoliosis

Scoliosis can also be a very likely cause of this type of upper back pain. It consists of a deformation of some parts of the area such as the vertebrae, ligaments and ribs, which progressively adopt a concave shape. There are different types of deviations caused by this disease. In our case, when pain occurs on the left side of the upper back, we are talking about a dorsal scoliosis, since it is located in the mid-upper area of the trunk and the curvature is to the left (levoscoliosis).

Symptoms of levoscoliosis

Among the symptoms of levoscoliosis we find:

  • Back pain, especially on the left side due to the direction of the curvature.
  • This pain can sometimes reach the legs and can cause immobility.
  • The pain is usually much sharper in the mornings, reducing when we make the first movements.
  • Stiffness and inflammation in the joints.
  • Tingling and numbness both in the back and in other areas such as the buttocks and legs.

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Osteoarthritis in the spine

Osteoarthritis in the spine is a disease where the vertebral joints that make up this area wear out and end up causing a sharp pain throughout the upper back. The deterioration of the joints is due to the fact that the cartilage that surrounds them (a strong but flexible tissue) ends up wearing out and, as a consequence, the bones come to rub against each other.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis

Among the symptoms that cause osteoarthritis in the spine are the following:

  • Inflammation in the joints, especially during changes in atmospheric pressure.
  • Tenderness in the affected joints.
  • Pain in the upper back that can be on both the left and right sides.
  • Intermittent pain in the spine that may worsen with movements.
  • Feeling of compression and tingling in the spine and surroundings.

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Myosfacial pain syndrome

Myosfacial pain syndrome is a condition that affects the myosfacial trigger points, that is, those found in the connective tissue of skeletal muscles or fascia.

Types of trigger points

Trigger points can be of two types:

  • Active: they hurt without having to stimulate them.
  • Latent: that it is necessary to press for them to hurt.

The main causes of this type of pain are usually either due to a muscle injury in the back, or due to the tension that accumulates in that area due to stress and anxiety.

Symptoms of myosfacial pain syndrome

Symptoms of myosfacial pain syndrome are usually as follows:

  • Referred pain, that is, if the trigger point is located on the left side of the upper back, the discomfort can expand to that area.
  • Signals from the autonomic nervous system such as sweating or crying for no apparent reason.
  • Dizziness and imbalances.
  • Muscle weakness and stiffness in the areas affected by the trigger point.

If you think you may suffer from myosfacial pain syndrome, it is best to go to the doctor as soon as possible so that he can put the best solution to your case.

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