Causes of pain in the right hip – discover them here


The hip is an area in which it is common for many people to have discomfort, being able to focus on one side and being frequent on the right side. This symptom can be due to multiple diseases, ranging from a rupture to common back problems or more serious pathologies.

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From we are going to tell you all the causes of pain in the right hip so you know what happens to you. But do not forget to go to the doctor and explain what happens to you so that he can properly diagnose the problem and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

Pain in the right hip from bone problems

Sometimes, pain in the right hip has no explanation other than a bone problem. This happens more frequently in older people in whom osteoporosis is already occurring, that is, the decalcification of the bones and these are more fragile. Being the fundamental hip for the mobility of the person, efforts are made on it that end in the appearance of pain.

But, apart from this generic cause and that can explain the punctual pain in the right hip, there are other health conditions that respond to this type of ailment and in this specific area of the body.

  • Hip breakage is one of the most common. This type of fracture is more common in older people due to the wear and tear of the bones and their greater fragility, because this favors their breakage more easily. This type of pain is recognized because it is usually quite intense and appears suddenly, usually, after a fall.
  • Infections in the bones, or also in the joints, of the right hip are other reasons that cause pain. The most common is that these infectious processes are caused by bacteria or fungi, which cross the skin, arrive through the muscles near these bones or through the blood. This type of case is more common in people with recent injuries in that area or who are diabetic.
  • Arthritis is another disease that can be noticed in the right hip, although in this case the pain is also felt in the thigh and groin. It always matches the area where the joints are.
  • Osteonecrosis also explains the pain in the right hip. This disease is caused by a lack of blood flow to the bone.
  • The rupture of the cartilage of the right hip is another because that justifies this pain. Normally, it is produced by its wear or by some trauma to the bones of this area. It can also happen due to degenerative diseases of the joints or by the tearing of the labrum, which is like a pad that is responsible for protecting the hip joint.

Activities that cause pain in the right hip

Sometimes, the pain in the right hip is not related to health problems or bone decalcification, but responds to another series of gestures that are made on a day-to-day basis. For example, it is common for people who walk a lot, spend many hours driving or have to be for their work going up and down many stairs, among other actions, have this type of pain. It is known as trochanteric bursitis or trochanteric bursitis and there are two classes:

  • When the pain occurs when pressing on the area, when you are lying in bed on the right side or it is noticeable when walking, it can be said that trochanteritis is traumatic because it responds to some trauma or previous blow.
  • The pain that appears progressively and is not intense when we touch the right hip and, even, does not hurt, is a sign that it is a trochanteritis produced by a problem of the viscera that are nearby. In general, it is related to the uterus in women and the prostate in men, since these organs can cause a displacement or blockage of the vertebrae of the spine, specifically the fifth lumbar vertebra.

Skeletal problems that cause pain in the right hip

The hip, whether its left or right part, should not always be seen as an isolated part. And it has a connection with the entire skeleton and, in particular, with the back. In fact, many times the pain in the right hip is explained by problems in the spine.

For example, a scoliosis in the lumbar area would explain the pain in the right hip because, surely, the person steps badly accordingly, which will lead to the appearance of that pain. Scoliosis in any other part of the back can also lead to this pain if it forces the person to adopt certain unhealthy postures, which prevent him from distributing the weight well between the two sides of the hip, forcing the right side.

Sometimes, the problem is not in the spine, but in the foot because you have flat feet or do not step on properly. If the indicated insoles are not worn, the skeleton and musculature are forced when walking and moving, which results in this ailment.

They are some of the causes of pain in the right hip that we have told you in, although you should always consult with the doctor to perform the appropriate tests and can put the most appropriate treatment.


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