Can you sleep with the menstrual cup?


Although until a few years ago the menstrual cup was little known, more and more women are choosing it as an option to control the menstrual flow during the days of the period. This small silicone container is responsible for collecting the flow, thus replacing traditional pads and tampons. It is more hygienic and safer than these, although it continues to raise more than one doubt regarding its use.

Can you sleep with the menstrual cup

One of the main questions is whether you can sleep with the menstrual cup or is it better to leave the vagina free at night.

Can you sleep with the menstrual cup or not?

In principle, any woman can use the menstrual cup during her period, both during the day, to carry out daily activities or even play sports, and at night. Therefore, the answer is yes, she can sleep with the menstrual cup, at least in most cases. If you feel comfortable with it, there is no problem wearing it while you sleep, unless there is a medical contraindication.

It is quite common that in the first months of using the menstrual cup, wearing it at night generates some stress. In these cases, it may be advisable to wear it only during the day and use other feminine hygiene items during the night's rest, such as menstrual pads or panties. On the other hand, many women are perfectly used to the menstrual cup and opt for it also to sleep.

Therefore, you can sleep with the menstrual cup, since it does not imply any danger, except in some cases in which its use is not recommended (also during the day), for example:

  • In case of presenting any problem or disease in the vaginal area: infection, vaginismus, severe vaginal dryness.
  • If there is an allergy to the material in which the cup is made.
  • During quarantine, after giving birth.
  • Whenever, for some health reason, your gynecologist advises against its use.

If you have doubts, it is advisable to consult a doctor prior to use. You can also take a look at this other article on How to use the menstrual cup.

How many hours can you sleep with the menstrual cup

Each woman is different and her menstrual cycle is also different, so it is not possible to establish a maximum time to sleep with the menstrual cup. Even so, the average time is about 8 hours, which indicates that you could sleep all night without having to take it out, empty it, clean it and put it back on.

As we have said, the number of hours may vary. For example, on days of heavier flow, it may be necessary to change it earlier to prevent leaks from the menstrual cup. On the other hand, in the last days of the rule, when the flow is scarce, you could have it on even for a few more hours. In any case, the maximum time to use the menstrual cup, both day and night, should not exceed 8 – 10 hours.

How to sleep with a menstrual cup

Once you are used to the menstrual cup, you will see that you can sleep with the menstrual cup without discomfort, but you must take into account a series of premises:

  • You are going to have it on for many hours, so you should empty it and wash it well before going to bed. To do this, use a neutral soap and plenty of water. It is also advisable to sterilize it, as we tell you in this other article on How to clean the menstrual cup.
  • In order for you to be comfortable while you sleep, it is essential that you choose the size of your menstrual cup well. If it doesn't fit your vagina perfectly, it can cause discomfort.
  • In the same way, it is very important to place the menstrual cup well, inserting it little by little and gently. Moistening it with a little water and being relaxed when putting it on will make this task easier.
  • Before going to bed, walk for a couple of minutes to make sure the cup is on properly and that it doesn't bother you at all. If so, you can rest without worrying. On the other hand, if it moves or rubs you, it is preferable that you take it out and put it back in the right way. Thus, you will enjoy a peaceful night without remembering the rule.

Now that you know that you can sleep with the menstrual cup, surely you have many other questions about its use. For this reason, we recommend this other article on Why do I stain with the menstrual cup.


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