Can you eat yogurt with diarrhea?


Whether having diarrhea is good to eat yogurt or not is a more common question than we might think. Some say that ingesting it when suffering from this intestinal problem, the stools are even softer and others, on the other hand, say the opposite. The answer is that yes, you can eat yogurt if you have diarrhea, as it is a probiotic and is very beneficial for digestive health.

Can you eat yogurt with diarrhea

Can you eat yogurt with diarrhea?: YES

As we have mentioned before, yes, you can eat yogurt with diarrhea , since it helps to shorten the duration and severity of it thanks to its great properties, especially its probiotic content , which is great when you have diarrhea.

However, you do not have to abuse this because it could cause stomach irritation. Also, you should avoid eating yogurt that contains a high level of sugars or fibers, as this could worsen the lining or mucosa of the intestines, as well as yogurts with artificial sweeteners.

Why is yogurt good for diarrhea?

Plain , unsweetened yogurt is rich in probiotics (good bacteria) that coat your intestines to protect you from germs that cause diarrhoea. Yogurts that contain lactic acidThey help destroy the bad bacteria in your gut. It may happen that you have gone to a doctor and have been prescribed some type of antibiotic to eliminate the bacteria that cause a health problem (other than diarrhea), but sometimes it is ignored that the good bacteria are also being eliminated because of these aggressive antibiotics for your digestive system. In addition, in the intestine live microorganisms that help in digestion and among these there are those in charge of regulating the consistency of the stool, so that later diarrhea appears. Yogurt helps combat the destruction of these organisms by re-introducing new ones. Finally, you have to know that yogurt has more protein than other foods indicated for the prevention of diarrhea so you can ingest it during the period that you have diarrhea without neglecting other essential nutrients.

You may have to avoid milk when you have diarrhea , but a dairy product like yogurt helps prevent this type of problem. You may wonder if all types of yogurts are effective for this situation. The answer is that it does not matter if they contain fruit or if they are flavored, they should not have any impact on diarrhea. However, there are some properties that are better to avoid such as those mentioned above, such as abundant sugar or sweeteners.

How to eat yogurt if I have diarrhea

Next, now that you know that you can eat yogurt when you have diarrhea, you will have to know how to take yogurt so that it is efficient against diarrhea.

Drinking 2 natural yogurts a day helps, as we said before, to maintain the good bacteria in the intestine. Banana yogurt is also effective for diarrhea and even more so if you prepare it yourself. For this, you can simply take a banana, cut it into small pieces and mix it with natural yogurt, so that the product is as natural as possible and thus more beneficial. Or, you can buy banana yogurt at any supermarket if you prefer.

You can make yogurt with black seed oil by mixing a tablespoon of this oil with a cup of yogurt and consume it twice a day. This way you can relieve this discomfort.

Greek yogurt as a remedy for diarrhea

If you have decided to use Greek yogurt as a remedy against diarrhea , then you will be interested to know that it is the best option compared to all other yogurts, since it has anti-inflammatory and anti-pathogen properties that improve the stomach's resistance to harmful bacteria.

It is also a probiotic that promotes intestinal regularity. The digestive system contains a number of good bacteria that help digest food, which are increased by eating Greek yogurt. The more these bacteria grow, the less space there is going to be for bad bacteria to lodge, so that's a big plus.

Is yogurt good for diarrhea in babies?

Yes, yogurt can be used as a treatment for diarrhea in babies , but only in those older than 6 months, since it acts in the same way as explained above for adults. In the case of smaller babies, it will be necessary for them to continue drinking breast milk and that you follow the advice of the pediatrician.

To give yogurt to a baby with diarrhea , you can make plain yogurt mixed with small pieces of fruit or simply give it directly twice a day.


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