Can you eat egg with diarrhea?


Surely you have ever felt a huge discomfort in your belly and it has led you to have very annoying diarrhea. Faced with this situation, there are many people who wonder what foods can be eaten and which cannot. we are going to talk about the characteristics and properties of the egg with respect to diarrhoea, as it is a very common food that generates doubts and depending on how you eat it, it will benefit or harm you when you suffer from gastroenteritis.

Can you eat egg with diarrhea

Nutritional composition of the egg and its properties

One of the advantages of the egg is that it has a higher protein quality than any whole food. In addition, the egg contains vitamin A, B12, BYD and minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron and potassium.

The egg is a source of complete protein and is good, among other benefits, for reducing heart disease, cholesterol, prevents eye diseases and helps in brain development, as long as it is taken in adequate amounts.

It is also necessary to focus on the different parts of the egg, since each one contributes something good or bad with respect to diarrhea.

  • Cascara: recommended for pregnant women because it protects the embryo. Specifically, it provides a lot of calcium, which is good for the development of the fetus.
  • Yolk: it is the yellowish portion. It provides healthy fats, although it contains lipids that can be indigestible by the stomach.
  • Clear: made up of 90% water, it provides protein without fat and is easily digestible.

In conclusion, if you have diarrhea and you are thinking of eating an egg, the best part of it that can help relieve your symptoms is the white. Here you can find more information about the benefits of eating egg whites .

Is the egg good or bad for diarrhea?

The answer to whether you can eat eggs with diarrhea is yes, but you have to take into account the different types in which you can eat them, since some can benefit you more than others.

The egg speeds up the body's metabolism, which is an advantage in this situation since it will help speed up the digestive process necessary to eliminate the cause of this diarrhea, be it bacteria or viruses. It is important when you have diarrhea not to eat for about 6 hours , this will help you purge your stomach faster. Then you can eat eggs without worrying that it will increase your diarrhea or worsen your discomfort, since it shouldn't.

In this situation, it is recommended to avoid raw egg, since although in principle it should not worsen your condition, it does not have great qualities to help you eliminate diarrhea.

The boiled egg is not a prohibited food when you have diarrhea since it does not have properties that can help cure you of said discomfort. Of course, it has a source of vitamins and proteins that are highly indicated for the body to be in good general condition.

The fried egg can also be eaten, but in a more advanced stage of diarrhea, between the second and third day, without leaving much oil and, preferably, at mealtime so that the rest of the day you are moving and digest better.

After 6 hours without eating or the next day, you can eat a French omelette with two eggs , you can also choose to cook only the egg whites , as it will help you avoid discomfort a bit and it is a light food that will give you lots of nutrients.

Eggs should not be abused, because if, on the contrary, you eat three eggs a day or eat eggs daily, it could cause health problems and problems in some organ, especially your liver.

Diet indicated for diarrhea

When you discover that you have diarrhoea, it is recommended to spend 6 hours without eating as mentioned above, after this throughout the day a diet for diarrhea based on white rice with water, cooked or grilled fish, cooked or grilled chicken is recommended. iron, grated apple and you can take egg white , since it will help you a lot to hydrate yourself because it has 90% water, in addition to the beneficial properties already mentioned. After this day, you can start adding French omelette with York ham, natural yogurt and banana to your diet.

Diarrhea after eating egg

Many people think that eggs are bad when they have diarrhea because there have been many cases of diarrhea occurring after eating eggs . This does not happen because the egg causes diarrhea, but because it is very common to unconsciously ingest spoiled eggs.

It is common for people, especially bodybuilders, to ingest uncooked or raw eggs or simply ingest them without realizing that they are not very fresh, which causes diarrhea and even vomiting. Before buying eggs, make sure they are in perfect condition by checking their expiration date to avoid problems like this. Also, under no circumstances should you eat eggs if you have an allergy or intolerance to it, it can also cause diarrhea.

In conclusion, eggs do not cause diarrhea . If you have eaten an egg and then you have had an upset stomach, it will be due to some problem in your body or the egg itself if it is in poor condition, as it may contain bacteria among other pathogens.


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