Can you drink green tea with milk?

Tea is an infusion that is usually taken in many ways. In fact, there are cultures in which it is common to combine with other plants such as mint or peppermint. In addition, it is common to prepare tisanes with fruits, spices such as cinnamon and even with various tea mixtures. But there is also another widespread way to have a cup of tea: mix it with milk. A custom that is, above all, deeply rooted in the United Kingdom and Morocco. However, it is not always good. It all depends on the type of tea used and how it is taken. So, can you drink green tea with milk? In we are going to clarify some of the most widespread doubts around this drink.
Can you drink green tea with milk

Is it good to drink green tea with milk?

Green tea is one of the most popular and consumed for its properties for health and beauty, since it is rich in antioxidants because its leaves have polyphenols, in addition to helping to reduce fat levels in the body and cholesterol. In fact, it is considered an excellent fat burner or degreaser, so green tea is usually used to lose weight.

Even in some scientific studies, it has been found that drinking green tea frequently reduces the risk of suffering from cancer, especially skin or lung, among others. It also provides energy to the body by its theine to start the day awake.

These are just some of the health benefits of green tea, which can be diminished when taken with milk or other ingredients. And there are several reasons that explain it, the main ones being:

  • Less tea is taken if milk is added, so the benefits of this drink would be reduced by needing recommended daily amounts that are equivalent to a cup of tea, but only filled with tea.
  • Sugar is added, as it is common for people who drink green tea with milk to add sugar or some sweetener. This would make this drink stop being so beneficial, especially if you want to lose weight or reduce the level of body fat.
  • It changes its flavor and color because adding milk changes the hue of green tea and also its aroma and taste. If you really don't like tea, taking it with milk to hide its taste doesn't make any sense. It is better that you ingest some other drink or directly the milk because, really, its benefits will not be noticed or you will do little. And if you like the natural taste of tea, mixing it with milk will totally change, which you may or may not like.

However, there are still other reasons that are even more important to pay attention to. So, it's not that it's a really bad thing, but it's not the best and it's usually not convenient to drink green tea with milk.

Why it's not good to drink green tea with milk

Apart from the reasons that we have explained above of why it is not convenient to drink green tea with milk, there are still other reasons that must be taken into account and that explain that this combination is not the most appropriate.

The key has been given by various scientific investigations that have found that the benefits of green tea not only decrease by taking less of the infusion when mixed with milk, but also diminished by the characteristics of the milk, that is, these end up changing them.

  • Milk is rich in calcium, vitamin D and protein. And this last component – protein – is where the problem really lies. Why? It's simple. Milk proteins, specifically the so-called caseins, are responsible for nullifying the benefit of green tea on the cardiovascular system. This process occurs because caseins interact with tea, which results in a reduction in the concentration in the drink of catechins, which are flavonoids that are present in green tea and that are precisely responsible for protecting the circulatory system and making fat not stick to the arteries.
  • Milk mixed with green tea also makes it difficult for the body to absorb antioxidants. This is because, again, the caseins present in milk would prevent its absorption by the body.

Tips for drinking green tea with milk

Despite the reasons explained above, drinking green tea with milk is not harmful to health. Simply, you will not benefit from the properties of the infusion or you will do very little. Anyway, if you like this drink and if you want to drink green tea with milk there are a number of tips, which will help you so that the benefits of tea do not diminish so much:

  • Skimmed milk: when adding milk to green tea, it is better to opt for skim milk. And it is that whole milk has a greater interaction with green tea by the amount of protein so you will notice even less its benefits. In addition, it has fatter and more calories so you run the risk of gaining weight if you drink several cups a day, depending on the rest of your diet and the exercise you do. However, it is advisable not to drink more than one cup of green tea with milk a day. If it is just infusion, you can ingest more, but not in excess.
  • No sugar: green tea, regardless of whether or not it is taken with milk, it is always better not to add anything to it. That is, you have to take it without sugar or sweeteners and even without honey. This way there will be fewer interactions about its benefits and no calories will be added.

With these explanations we hope from we have answered your question of whether you can drink green tea with milk? We always recommend moderation when drinking tea, even if it is green because it contains theine and should not be abused, and drink milk, as well as with any other drink. If you have any questions, consult with the doctor who is most suitable for you.


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