Breast types


Most people distinguish between a small breast and a large breast and are unaware that there is a huge range of options between these two types of breasts. The shape, fullness, texture and certain circumstances such as weight loss or pregnancy are characteristics that must be considered when talking about the types of breasts that exist.

breast types

What types of breasts are there?

You may have heard of voluminous, small, sagging or even raised breasts, however, there are many types of breasts that differ in their tissue, elasticity, shape, fullness, etc. If we analyze all these traits, we can distinguish between the following 10 categories:

  1. Large and voluminous chest
  2. small chest
  3. round chest
  4. asymmetric chest
  5. Chest East West
  6. bell shaped chest
  7. Teardrop chest
  8. sagging chest
  9. athletic chest
  10. tubular breasts

The lifestyle of each woman, as well as the bra she uses and genetics are fundamental factors that influence the formation of one type of breast or another. Each breast is different and has different characteristics, however, there are garments and sizes for everyone and finding the one that is most comfortable and flattering for you is a matter of time  we help you!

Large and voluminous breasts

Large busts are characterized by the abundance of fatty tissue and by being voluminous. While it is true that there are exceptions, almost all large breasts are symmetrical and sag slightly due to their weight, even the firmer ones.

Faced with an excess of breast volume, women may have not only aesthetic problems but also health problems (bad posture, breast and back pain, greater premenstrual discomfort, etc.), so if you have any discomfort or doubt, we recommend you go to a medical specialist.

A fundamental piece of advice is that the bra you use supports your chest well but without excessively tightening it; The most important thing is that it covers the entirety of your breast well. An item of clothing? Dare with V-shaped and heart-shaped necklines!

Small breasts

Unlike large ones, small breasts are characterized by having very little fatty tissue. Normally, the size of the nipples and areolas are adapted to the chest and they are also small, although there are 9 different types of nipples that you can have.

If you have little fatty tissue and want your breasts to look bigger, you can always go for a lightly padded pushup bra. However, bralettes are perfect for girls with very small breasts, so don't hesitate to get some that suit your style. Go for maxi necklines or asymmetrical ones… you'll love them!

Round breasts

Round breasts are regular and slightly bulky , although their size can vary from person to person. They are mainly characterized by being just as full at the top as at the bottom and by having little separation space.

Sweetheart necklines, boat necklines and scoop necklines look fabulous with this type of bust.

Asymmetrical breasts

Have you ever been alarmed because one of your breasts is bigger than the other? Do not worry, because it is one of the most common types of breasts , although the difference in size between the two will vary greatly depending on each person.

We all have one breast larger than another (just like our eyes or hands), however, people with asymmetrical breasts have a greater difference. In this case, we recommend you go for strapless, asymmetrical, heart-shaped and bardot necklines.

Sinuses East West

This type of breast is distinguished because the nipples point in different directions; once again, it is a very common type whose difference will depend on each person. A variation of this type of breast is the lateral breast, which has the same characteristics but with a more pronounced space between the breasts.

In these cases, the shape of the breasts resembles that of a pear, which is why we recommend a strapless neckline or bardot. As for bras, those that incorporate  underwire will be the best for you, as they will help you center your breasts.

Bell-shaped breasts

This type of sinus is characterized by the fact that the upper part is narrower and the lower part is much broader, similar to the shape of an eggplant. In this type of breasts, the nipples are usually large, as well as the areolas.

If you also have this type of breasts, we recommend choosing a bra with underwire and opting for a halter or square neckline.

Teardrop chest

Teardrop breasts are large, rounded breasts , especially at the top. Their name comes from the fact that these slightly elongated breasts droop a bit.

If you have teardrop-shaped breasts, don't hesitate to use a push up that lifts them and a closed neckline; avoid the strapless but opt ​​for square or V-shaped necklines.

Saggy breasts

It is a very common type of breast among elderly women and women who have gone through one or more pregnancies and have breastfed. They are characterized by being breasts that do not have elasticity and have little musculature, as well as nipples that usually point to the ground.

Athletic breasts

Athletic breasts are characterized by being wider than thick or long and more muscular than the rest . Also, this type of breast has less tissue than the others, so it slightly resembles the shape of small breasts.

Bralettes, as well as bras with a little padding, will give your breasts a much more enhanced look.

Tubular breasts

As its name indicates, the shape of these breasts is tubular, that is, similar to that of a tube. Although it is true that tubular breasts are rare and many women decide to undergo surgery for aesthetic reasons, it should be noted that they do not carry any health risk.

These breasts usually have large and downward areolas, just like the end of the chest, and they occur because the fibrous ring found in the breast prevents the tissue from being distributed properly. In these cases, the best types of bras are those with an underwire that fit perfectly to the chest and enhance it; They will look great with a V-shaped or rounded neckline.


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