Breakfasts to lose weight


Many people have the misconception that in order to achieve their ideal fitness level and lose weight, they should avoid eating breakfast and fasting. However, this first meal of the day is very important to be able to start with energy and with our body recharged. Whether you are one of the people who wake up with a fierce hunger or those who are ready with a coffee, eating something in the morning will make you better face the hours that are to come without that meaning retaining fat or not being able to lose calories. The basis of a good breakfast is to combine carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals and a portion of dairy products, but many people may wonder what is the healthiest thing to have for breakfast.

breakfasts to lose weight

Oat flakes with milk

Oatmeal is the best ally for anyone looking to lose weight. Its high percentage of fiber and low fat makes it a perfect food to provide us with energy, facilitate our digestion, satiate and reduce fluid retention.

For this simple breakfast you only need to mix the precooked oatmeal with skimmed milk or, if you prefer, with a vegetable milk of your choice. You can add a little natural sweetener and a little cinnamon to give it more flavor, plus it also helps you lose weight. Here we give you more ideas on How to eat oatmeal .

Yogurt with oat flakes

However, if you don't like or don't want to drink milk but want to continue taking advantage of the benefits of oatmeal, you can mix it with a fat-free yogurt or, as we said before, you also have the option of having a vegetable yogurt , thus avoiding dairy . Add the oat flakes and, if you want, also a few berries to give it an extra flavor and enhance the antioxidant effect.

This breakfast to lose weight is effective because it is satiating and contains a lot of fiber that, apart from satiating, facilitates intestinal transit and the elimination of fat and retained liquids . All this while providing antioxidants and other important nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

Whole wheat sandwich with turkey, apple and cheese

One of the alternatives for people who do not like a sweet breakfast is to make a sandwich with whole wheat bread . One of the combinations that usually works best for weight loss is the mixture of light sweet and salty with low-fat breakfast. ingredients that provide us with the necessary proportions for a good  In this case, we can get the carbohydrates from the whole wheat bread, the protein from the turkey, the vitamins from the apple and the dairy from the cheese.

Here you can see more sandwich options that you can make with wholemeal bread and that are healthy: 4 recipes for vegetable sandwiches .

Wholemeal toast with avocado and fresh cheese

If you do not want to include meat or animal protein in your breakfasts, an alternative for your sandwich can be avocado or avocado. Get a ripe avocado , cut it into slices and accompany it with fine pieces of low-fat or light fresh cheese on whole-grain toast . To this simple breakfast, you can add more ingredients of your choice, such as seeds or some spice, as well as a little olive oil. Avocado is a very healthy source of vegetable fat for our body.

Yogurt with cereals and fruit

Another of the easy and sweet breakfast options to lose weight, and if you do not want to consume so much oatmeal, is to mix a skimmed or low-fat yogurt with fruit, to provide more vitamins and give it a fresher touch, and the cereals that you like the most. , preferably whole grains . You can also give it an extra touch by adding flaxseed or chia seeds to give it more texture and provide more minerals, vitamins and fiber to this breakfast to lose weight, which is also very tasty and satiating.

Whole wheat toast with avocado and egg

As we said before, avocado is an excellent source of healthy fat for our body. However, if we cannot or do not want to consume dairy, instead of combining it with cheese, we can choose to provide the protein of a hard- boiled egg , which is one of the healthiest preparations of this superfood. Put both ingredients on a piece of whole wheat toast and enjoy a healthy breakfast to fill you up and lose weight.

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Oatmeal pancakes

Many people may believe that having pancakes for breakfast is a luxury that they cannot afford if they want to lose weight. However, everything lies in the ingredients with which we make them and our physical activity. The oatmeal pancake modality is perfect for treating yourself to a sweet treat and continuing to take care of yourself . You just have to replace the white flour with oatmeal and cook your pancakes, accompanying them with fruit.

In this recipe you can learn How to make oatmeal and banana pancakes , but if you want them as a powerful breakfast to have energy but that allows you to continue losing weight, then do not add or do not go overboard with sweet extras like chocolate.


This type of dairy fermentation is not to everyone's taste, as it has a strong and particular flavor. However, its probiotic benefits not only help lose weight, but also take care of the intestinal flora. If you are curious, try it with muesli or with your favorite fruit, as it is a healthy and fast breakfast to lose weight .

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Another of the salty breakfast alternatives to lose weight is a simple, but delicious, French omelette or omelette . The only change you will have to make if you are on a diet process is to make it with only one yolk and two whites, since it is in the yolk where all the fat of the egg accumulates. You can add turkey breast or sweet ham and light cheese if you want it to be a strong breakfast to have more energy.

Tortilla with oats and spinach

If you don't want to keep the simple version of the previous omelette , you can opt for another very complete and delicious one. Try to prepare a rich tortilla with oatmeal and spinach. You only need to use one egg , or at most two, but mix it with precooked oatmeal and spinach and make a very nutritious omelet, to start the day strong and help your digestion and your body. In addition, you can add other healthy ingredients that you like to make it more complete, such as cherry tomatoes or fresh cheese.

Savory oatmeal pancakes

The last modality that we offer you for breakfasts that do not get fat , as long as you do enough physical activity, is to make some oatmeal pancakes , but making their salty modality, instead of the basic or the typical sweet one. For example, you can make them by adding turkey breast and fresh cheese and, if you want, some rocket leaves or any other healthy ingredient that you like.


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