6 Natural Appetite Suppressants


Do you know that you can control hunger naturally? There are some ingredients that we usually find in our kitchens that are ideal to reduce hunger and avoid the feeling of anxiety about wanting to feel your stomach satisfied. In a diet, calming hunger is one of the main headaches and, therefore, there are different drugs and products designed to calm this feeling.

6 Natural Appetite Suppressants

But you should know that you do not need to take chemicals to get it since there are foods that act as hunger inhibitors and that you will surely find in the pantry of your house. Then in we are going to discover 6 natural appetite suppressants with which you will be able to satisfy your hunger and endure the diet better.

Garcinia cambogia to control appetite

We start this list with natural appetite suppressants to talk about Garcinia cambogia, a fruit that comes from India and is ideal to incorporate into a slimming diet since it has HCA (hydroxycitric acid), a component that manages to inhibit appetite in a completely natural way.

In order to take advantage of these properties you should know that HCA is found in the pulp and bark of this fruit, therefore, we must consume these parts above all to benefit from its effect on appetite.

In addition to this, Garcinia cambogia also acts as a natural fat burner since it activates the functioning of the metabolism making us consume more calories daily without the need to increase the work of our body.

The best way to take this fruit is through the natural tablets that you can find in stores of natural products or herbalists. Depending on the manufacturer, you should take 2 or 3 tablets a day before meals to notice its hunger-inhibiting effect.

Reduce hunger with green coffee

Another of the natural appetite suppressants is green coffee, a type of coffee that appears when the beans have not been roasted and, therefore, has its natural color: green. Currently it has become one of the most demanded food supplements to lose weight and the reason for this is that it helps control appetite but, also, acts as a natural anti-cellulite since it manages to eliminate fluid retention and drain the skin.

Green coffee manages to reduce appetite thanks to the fact that it contains chlorogenic acid, a component that minimizes the feeling of hunger and, thus, allows us to easily endure a hypocaloric diet and avoid snacking between meals.

But, in addition to this, green coffee is also ideal for weight loss because it acts as follows:

  • It has a draining action that reduces cellulite and prevents fluids from being retained
  • It acts as a fat burner and transforms fat into energy; therefore, it gets us to reduce the accumulation of fat that may be in our body (as long as we follow a diet low in calories and saturated fats)

In this other article we tell you how to lose weight with green coffee so you know all the possible ways to take advantage of its benefits.

Apple, an ideal fruit to suppress appetite

There are some foods that are also perfect to take between meals and, thus, reduce appetite 100% naturally and without exceeding calories. This is the case of apples, a fruit full of benefits for the body and that, in addition, is a perfect ally for a slimming diet thanks to the fact that it manages to reduce hunger.

Both red and green apples are the varieties that will help you inhibit your hunger. The reason is that it is an ingredient rich in fiber and pectin, a component that increases the feeling of satiety and, therefore, if we take it mid-morning or mid-afternoon, we will be consuming a quality snack and we will endure better until the next meal.

Some of the reasons why the apple is ideal for weight loss are the following:

  • It helps to purify the body: thanks to its contribution in water, the apple helps us eliminate toxins and fluid retention.
  • Satisfies hunger: as we have already said, thanks to the contribution in pectin and fiber, the apple is ideal to reduce the feeling of hunger and allow us to endure better between meals
  • Very low in calories: the caloric intake of the apple is very low, in fact, per 100 grams we are consuming an average of 25 calories, therefore, it is a perfect food to include in your diet

Here we tell you how to lose weight with apple so you know all the possible ways to take advantage of its multiple benefits.

Ginger, a great natural appetite suppressant

Another of the natural appetite inhibitors that cannot be missing from this list is ginger, a plant that is used mainly in oriental cuisine but that, every time, is more and more part of our recipes. It is a perfect ally to improve health-related conditions, especially focused on the digestive system, but it is also an ideal plant to help us lose weight thanks to the fact that it manages to satisfy the appetite naturally.

Thus, ginger is ideal to incorporate into a diet to lose weight because it helps us improve results and achieve weight loss in a faster and more effective way. Ginger gets:

  • Reduce hunger: thanks to the fact that it increases satiety and, therefore, reduces the feeling of hunger between meals
  • Improves digestion: ginger is mostly used to improve the functioning of the digestive system and, therefore, we can enjoy a much more beneficial gastrointestinal health
  • It acts as a fat burner: ginger root manages to activate the metabolism and, therefore, makes us burn more calories a day without having to exercise more

In this other article we tell you how to lose weight with ginger so that you know all the ways that exist to introduce this food into your diet.

The avocado to lose weight

Surely more than once you have heard that avocado makes you fat but you should know that this statement is not entirely true. While it is true that this fruit has a high number of calories, it is also true that in its composition we find a large amount of fiber and healthy fats, two components that act as natural appetite suppressants and that will reduce hunger in a very healthy way.

The fat that avocado gives us is a healthy fat, that is, a good fat for the body and that manages to regulate cholesterol and improve the functioning of our cardiac system. (In this other article we find out what the bad fats are.

In addition, due to the contribution of monounsaturated fats that we find in the avocado we manage to increase the feeling of satiety making us endure better the course of the hours without feeling hungry, something ideal to be able to make a low-calorie diet.

In this other article we discover some recipes to lose weight with avocado that you can include in your breakfast or meal.

Taking cinnamon to reduce hunger

And finally, another of the best natural hunger suppressants is cinnamon, a spice that will reduce your hunger but is also ideal to control the desire to eat sweet thanks to its delicious flavor that helps us satisfy our anxiety.

In addition to this, cinnamon is ideal to help us lose weight because it gives us the following benefits to the body:

  • Balances sugar in the body: this improves the assimilation capacity of food and sugars from food preventing them from being stored as saturated fat
  • Accelerates the metabolism: consuming cinnamon activates the functioning of the metabolism and, therefore, it is possible to burn a greater number of calories without the need to increase daily physical exercise
  • Reduces bad cholesterol: another reason why cinnamon is ideal to incorporate into your diet is that it manages to lower the levels of bad cholesterol and increase those of good cholesterol

You can include cinnamon in your daily recipes or take it as an infusion because, thus, you will be able to take advantage of all its benefits and achieve the objectives of your diet. In this other article we tell you how to lose weight with cinnamon.


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